Memorial Family Care Birthing Center

Memorial Family Care Birthing Center

At Memorial Family Care Birthing Center, we celebrate family-centered birth, close to home.

Why Parents Choose Memorial

When it comes to your pregnancy you want to make the right choice for you and your newborn. Whether you're looking for compassionate care, safety, or a private room, Memorial Family Care Birthing Center offers everything babies and moms need. Family and friends are encouraged to be present and provide support as much as the mother wishes while staying at Memorial. 

Level II E Nursery

Memorial Family Care Birthing Center's Level II E Nursery can accommodate babies who require specialized care due to premature birth or other health issues. The Level II E team cares for babies who are a little earlier (as early as 30 weeks), a little smaller (as small as 2.75 pounds), and a little more fragile (those on assisted ventilation). The Level II E Nursery staffs work with the family to educate them to the unique requirements of their baby, so they are comfortable with the newborn’s care.

Specialty Newborn Care

Washington University Physicians in Illinois, Inc. neonatologists and pediatricians from St. Louis Children’s Hospital provide coverage for all newborns at Memorial's Family Care Birthing Center, including those who may require care in the newborn intensive care unit (NICU).

Meeting Our Newborns

With the mother's approval, Memorial welcomes friends and families to meet our newest arrivals!

Visit Memorial Family Care Birthing Center

Need help finding your way to Memorial Family Care Birthing Center? Check out our directions and floor maps.

Online Baby Photos

Virtually meet our newest bundles of joy! Visit Mom365 to search for your friend's or family member's newborn photos.