Sleep Safety

Learn some important guidelines for infant sleep safety.

What are some guidelines for newborn sleep safety?

We always try to start safe sleeping habits early. Make sure that whatever you're going to have the baby sleep in, whether a crib or bassinet, that it is a flat, level surface. They should not be sleeping with toys or stuffed animals in the crib. They should be alone and by themselves. Sometimes it can be a very touchy subject with patients who like to co-sleep. There are safe ways that they can research to do that, but while they're with us in the hospital, we do always encourage that their baby sleeps alone in a crib or in a bassinet. Before they go home, we always try to make sure patients have a safe place at home for the baby to sleep as well. We do not want them sleeping on a couch or things that are soft, non-firm surfaces. 

Should babies sleep on their backs or tummies?

Newborns should sleep on their backs. We do not encourage tummy sleeping or side sleeping. We always encourage that they're flat on the back.