Postpartum Depression

Memorial Family Care Birthing Center explains what postpartum depression is and what new moms can do if postpartum depression becomes unbearable.

What is postpartum depression?

Postpartum depression is a very serious condition that a fair amount of moms go through. There are baby blues that you're going to experience after the delivery due to the shift in hormone change. It's a big life event. 

What should new moms do if postpartum depression becomes unbearable?

If patients find themselves crying constantly or they have thoughts of harm to themselves or the newborn or that they just don't feel right, we always encourage that they contact their physician. A lot of times patients are very embarrassed to bring it up because it's a very hard thing to do. Moms want to be superheroes and do it all. When they realize they can't, they don't think it's okay. We always encourage people to contact their physicians. We're always here to help if you have any questions that you feel like you just need to ask. We do phone calls with patients after the delivery to check on them just to see how they're doing, and sometimes patients do report that they're experiencing severe sadness. It hits people in different phases. It can hit them three days after delivery. It can hit them four weeks after delivery until those hormones are stabled out. We always encourage that open communication with their physician and let people know that it is a normal thing and to not be embarrassed by the fact that they're having troubles. Sometimes postpartum can trigger depression if things just aren't going as planned or their feeding style isn't going the way that they want to. Those things are okay. We're here to talk to people and help find them the resources that they may need. When you do your follow-up visit with your physician, we always encourage that open communication with them about how you're feeling.