You Have Options for Pain Management

From natural to medicated labors, Memorial can help keep mothers comfortable throughout the birthing process. Find out the different options available.

Pain Management

What kinds of non-medicated pain management are available?

Ann Schneider, charge nurse, says that Memorial encourages hydrotherapy. They also have the labor ball, and some people bring a doula with them. 

Chris Janson, charge nurse, adds that back rubs and changing positions can help a mom be more comfortable and able to make it through labor without an epidural.

What is an epidural?

Vonda Walker, anesthetist, explains that an epidural is the best method for delivering pain relief medicine to laboring women. 

Memorial has a lot of women who arrive and immediately want an epidural, according to Chris. So once they get into labor, they can get an epidural from anesthesia. The epidural then remains in place until they deliver.

What is the advantage of an epidural?

Ashley Gutridge, a patient at Memorial, discusses the benefits of an epidural including pain relief. She remembers being in so much pain during labor and starting to cry once she got the epidural because she didn't feel it anymore.

Are there any disadvantages of an epidural?

Ashley said you can feel a little out of it after getting medication, and it made it a little hard to concentrate on what the nurses were saying.

What if I want medicated pain relief without an epidural?

Chris said that most mothers have already decided what they want to do for pain relief before they arrive but can always change their mind. Some opt for IV pain medications rather than an epidural.

Spinal anesthesia is a common form of pain management for C-sections.

Vonda says that a spinal is like an epidural except they also add pain medication to relieve pain after the procedure.

How did Memorial's staff help control your pain to keep you comfortable?

Memorial patient Jill Baudendistel discusses how she was in labor for a long time and needed a C-section. She said through the entire process Memorial made her as comfortable as possible.

Ashley describes how when she was pushing and delivering her daughter, she was able to pay attention better to what was happening because she wasn't in a lot of pain.