Nursing Care After Delivery

At Memorial Family Care Birthing Center, we encourage skin-to-skin between mom and baby. We also teach about everything from diaper changes to breastfeeding.

How do nurses care for babies right after delivery?

Right after delivery we encourage skin-to-skin with mom. As long as baby is crying at birth, we immediately put baby skin-to-skin and leave baby there for the first hour or two after delivery. We do that to promote bonding with mom and because it makes breastfeeding a lot easier. After the first two hours, your nurses will help teach you everything that you need to know to be a mom including diaper changes and feeding. Whether you're bottle feeding or breastfeeding, we help moms learn how to do that. We have lactation consultants who come in and help with breastfeeding, if that's what you choose to do. We also offer videos in the room for moms to watch, and we give a book at discharge that answers a lot of your questions.

Talk about the nursing care moms receive after delivery.

Immediately after delivery, the mom is in a two-hour recovery, whether she had a vaginal delivery or a c-section. She gets very close monitoring for the first two hours including vitals every 15 minutes and fundal rubs. Then, the assessment phase kind of slows down a little bit but is still frequent for the first 12 hours or 24 hours depending on the type of birth that you had.