Memorial Hospital Shiloh Family Care Birthing Center

Director Donna Stephens and Assistant Nurse Manager Natosha McEvers talk about Memorial Hospital Shiloh's unique approach to caring for moms and babies.

At Memorial Hospital Shiloh, we use an LDRP model, which means labor, delivery, recovery, postpartum. The LDRP model is single-room maternity care where the mom and baby room in together. She delivers in the same room that she labors, recovers, and stays in. It's nice because the same nurse ideally takes care of the mom and baby from admission through discharge.

What does Memorial Hospital Shiloh's Level II E Nursery mean for patients?

A Level II E Nursery allows us to keep babies 30 weeks gestation and higher, and there's no time limit on assisted ventilation. If a baby needs ventilatory support, we can provide that as long as needed assuming everything's going well. The nursery helps us keep our moms and families with their babies so we don't have to go to the other side of the river for treatment. We're able to keep them on oxygen longer, and we're able to treat them from 30 weeks up instead of 32 weeks. It's important to keep them together so they can keep bonding.

Can expectant parents visit The Family Care Birthing Center prior to having their baby?

We encourage families to come tour our units. We will walk them through the rooms and nursery as well. Our neonatologists are also very welcoming during tours, speaking to them even before they deliver.