How We’ve Focused on Your Family

Learn why Memorial believes a family-friendly environment within our Family Care Birthing Center helps with the transition to home for the entire family.

Family-Focused Care

What is The Family Care Birthing Center's model of care?

Ann Schneider, charge nurse, says that Memorial adopted the philosophy of family-centered care. She said birth is not just about a mom or just about a baby but is actually the birth of an entire family.

Why is this model so important?

According to Chris Janson, charge nurse, babies stay with the mom from delivery to discharge to help with the changing family dynamics. This model also helps older siblings adapt to the new sibling as well.

How are fathers encouraged to be involved in the delivery process?

Dr. Adriena Beatty encourages fathers to be an active participant in the delivery by supporting the mother and even cutting the baby's cord.

Ashley explains why she loves the family focus at The Center.

Ashley Gutridge, a Memorial patient, says the best part of the hospital is how they focus on the baby being with the mother. Memorial doesn't take the baby away immediately if everything is okay. Ashley said that the rooms are family style, comfortable rooms that are more like home.

How does a family environment help create a memorable experience?

Birth can be hard but it can also be really fun. Ann said that she has been in births with laughing and music, which is wonderful. Every baby's birth is unique no matter how many children the parents have already had. She said Memorial has had a lot of good stories.