Learn how Memorial Family Care Birthing Center handles circumcisions, how pain is managed, and what happens after the circumcision.

How does Memorial handle circumcisions?

Before you have the baby, you will decide if you want your baby to have a circumcision or not. When you come to the hospital, we will ask if you want one. Washington University/St. Louis Children's Hospital physicians perform the circumcisions.

How is pain managed during a circumcision?

If the patient chooses for their son to have the circumcision, the baby has a numbing agent. Depending on the physician's preference, the choice is either a topical agent or an injectable agent. The baby should not feel a lot of that. 

What happens after the circumcision?

The care of the circumcision is closely monitored for the first hour after the procedure is performed. We watch closely for bleeding. We do a lot of patient teaching on how to care for the circumcision including the application of the gauze and the Vaseline. Then, we send them home with precautions to watch for. After the procedure, it's really common for babies to be fussy for a little while. It's also common for them to be really sleepy. Sometimes babies cope with pain by being sleepy, so we just recommend mom and dad hold the baby a lot the first day after the circumcision to comfort them.